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Looking to build a team or have a job to offer?

Post » Mon May 27, 2013 11:56 pm

I have a base I'm using to make a character for a game and I have absolutely no time to do it myself, because I have school and I'm laying out the events, etc. So, if someone could fill in the base the way I want it (I've already done one of the sprites for you, you just have to finish it) then it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry that I can't pay, but I need all the money I have right now, so if you're willing to volunteer for this small job, thanks!!

Here's the sprite template, just send it back to me as is and I will seperate it myself:
You can keep reusing the same head, and please try to make it so when the sprite walks that it looks natural, if possible :) Thank you!
(I will say if the job is completed at the top...)Luigiismyboo2013-05-27 23:56:40
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