Sometimes my sound doesn't load, why?

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Post » Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:44 pm


I have a weird problem with the sound...

Sometimes the sound of my game doesn't start, like the sound isn't loaded or something... but I used the command "preload" like 10 secondes before the command /play and it still doesn't work :(

I tried to preload it way before and checked the possibility to have a command /stop activated somewhere, but no :( and the weirdest thing is something the sound works...

The music is about 2.4mo and I already played biggest music... so I'm a bit lost :(

The UC is only 12% Ram 50mo... So I don't understand why sometimes the sound doesn't start :(

Is it common in the debug screen? Will it be ok when I'll compil the game or not? I have to be sure that I can continue :mrgreen: Any solution? Because I'm making a game music and the music must play at the good time :geek:

Thank you :O
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