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Post » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:01 pm

I can create any sound you like.

1. Realistic Sound - find "Audio Preview" - under it, you can listen some sounds as a demo.
2. Arkanoid For Painters - all sounds in this game are created by me.

Price per sound: 2 USD.
This price includes 5 variants of requested sound. If you need more than 5 variants of the sound it will cost +0.2 USD for any additional one.

Order example:
Door opening sound, 7 variants of shot sound, 3 variants of moving tank sound.

Result example:
Door opening sound (2 USD, 5 variants), shot sound (2 USD + 0.4USD, 5 + 2 variants), moving tank sound (2 USD, 5 variants).

I am ready to work with 50% prepayment.
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