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Post » Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:03 am

Hello everyone,

I am having a sound problem when trying to play my game on my ipad and iphone. I actually managed to export the game from İntel XDK built the app and published the game and it is now online but there is no sound in the game! I also tested inside the emulator of XDK and the sound was working fine so I went and published it.

I had the same problem when I put the game in a server and played from Safari or Chrome browser from my ipad last week also.

I don't have the same problem on android devices the game sound works great but problems occur only on ios systems.

I remember I didn't have this problem before when I was testing on ipads and iphones through Chrome browser but it was the older version of Construct2.
Do you think it is because of the New Construct2 Update?

I know I wrote too much but it is such a frustrating situation and I would appreciate help and advices!

Kind Regards
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