Space Bobble Music Pack (Game Music)

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Space Bobble Music Pack — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Space Bobble Music Pack

2 cute, fun and exciting spaced-theme loop-able music with different variations! . Suitable for cute spaced-theme puzzle or casual games.

Video Preview:


[Faster, Cuter & Brighter Version]

1. SB_Main Theme_01_loop (1:00)

2. SB_In-Game Theme_01_loop (0:59)

[Slower, Ambient & Chill Version]

3. SB_Main Theme_02_loop (1:02)

4. SB_In-Game Theme_02_loop (1:01)

Extras** (Could be used to end the music tracks or simply use them for trailers!)

1. SB_Main Theme_02_30s (0:36)

2. SB_In-Game Theme_01_30s (0:39)

3. SB_In-Game Theme_02_30s (0:33)


wav and ogg, stereo, 44.1kHz, 16Bit.

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