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Post » Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:35 pm

Hi guys,

AstroColonist is a game I started two years a go which I never really got round to realising its full vision. It apparently has 1201 events at this time.

Today I added it to Newgrounds at: so it can finally be enjoyed by anyone who wants to mess with it.

The game is playable with a few things I will have to balance out and tweak from player feedback.

I thought rather than just sharing the game here for a few views I'd give something back to the Scirra community and so I'm providing the capx source while my servers have the link available (this may change in future sorry).

I don't know if its going to be of any use to anyone but inside the capx I think you'll find a lot of tid-bits of graphics, techniques, bad code and good code. I'm hoping you can look at the problems my game has and avoid them in yours.

I'm considering doing a full break down of the problems I faced and how I overcame them, as well as things I'd do differently looking back.

Feel free to take anything from the capx and use it. I think the only juicy thing in there is how all the randomly generated planets are created, and their cloud/shadow overlays.

Some screenies:



Download link:

Thanks, Adam.
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