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Space Star Shoot by
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Sci-fi Space Shoot, where by the player is pitted against waves of increasing numerous enemy ships in which they must destroy.

The aim is to get the highest score.

Players have the options of upgrading at the shop in between waves, or by pressing ESC if they are still alive.

After Wave 5 the enemy types are generated randomly by each wave sees more enemies added to teh fray.

If enemies collide an are too small then they destroy each other.

The players health regenerates each time they visit the shop, so with quick abilities they are able to last for a long time.

The closest enemy to you is located with the tiny pointer that rotates around your ship.

If you cannot locate the remaining enemy simply to back to the shop, and return to the game.

The intention behind this was to experiment to see how long it would take me to create a workable game, which still maintained its visual elements despite lacking depth in the game play. In total it took and estimated 12 hours to complete everything in the game (Assuming concentration was maintained through out the whole time). Of which I did this over a few days. There are still bugs and game mechnics to work out, it the experience gained while creating it is valuable. Future releases would include more sustainable battles, space stations, smoother graphics, a wider viewing screen and more hack and slash mayhem.


The music playing has been created by myself (Adam English) using Magix Music Pro software. All images have been created with Xara Designer Pro X

Apart from that, the game has been created/compiled using Construct 2 (By

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Thank you

Logo Screen:

Title Page:


Wave Introduction:

Battle Area:

High Score Page:

LMB Selects menu or shop options, mute button..
W/Up Accelerate.
A/Left Turn Left.
S/Right Turn Right.
D/Down Decelerate.
ESC Takes you to the shop.

You automatically fire your laser, laser fire rate determins how often.

Shop Options:
Top Speed: Top speed of ship.
Turn Speed: Ability to turn ship.
Acceleration: The acceleration and deceleration of the ship.
Ship Hull: Life of your ship, 0=Death.
Shield: Protects your ship.
Fire Rate: Rate at which laser fires.
Laser Strength: Damage of laser against enemy.
Laser Speed: Speed at which laser travels.

Play the game at Kongregate:
Click HERE to play!!!

**Update (21:33GMT 15/06/2012):
-Changed controls, now requires LMB click/hold to fire
-Fixed loading screen to prevent problems with certain browsers
-Included a laser muzzel flash
-Re-coded the movement of the stars ingame to prevent their distraction
-Reduced the opacity of the background stars
-Increased the size of explosions for asthetic appeal
-Changed player graphic to include a turrent
-Fixed bug when an enemy would seem to by aware from the playing area preventing continuing to the next wave.
-To maintain immersion, included warp element for enemy entrance
-Doubled upgrade level (To 20), each level has half the benefit as before
-Increased starting credits to prevent players being overwhelmed at the beginnning of the game.

**Update (13/06/2012):
-Added To Kongregate
Andeming2012-06-18 12:54:55
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Post » Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:55 pm

Its stuck on Loading... on IE9.

Graphics look amazing, I'll just switch to Chrome and try it.
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Post » Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:38 pm

Just tried it on IE9 myself, and as with you it stuck on the Loading screen. That could be due to the preload requirement from the first layout, I may need to upgrade from v93 to v94 for it. Thank you for pointing it out.

Thank you also for the compliments to the graphics/artwork. I feel the actual gameplay perhaps lets them down a little. Depending on how you upgrade your ship, you may not get that gritty space combat formed from copious amounts of laser fire.

I've just noticed I hadn't rescaled the ship explosions as well.

Thank you for your feedback,


Edit (21:56GMT 15/06/2012): It should work on TE9 now, I believe using the 'If pre-load (of audio) complete event' may not be working with certian web browsers.Andeming2012-06-15 21:57:42
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