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Hey-- i am having a REAL good experience w/ Construct2 !!! One thing i want to ask about-- i have had a layout w/ a bunch of 96x32 blocks on a 4000 x 4000 background-- lots of them. I have some @ 0 degrees and some @ 90 degrees and am using "Snap to grid". At the upper left i had one that was 0 degrees overlap 2 that were 90 degrees ( not on purpose-- i was just moving stuff around and they were sitting there briefly overlapping ) && the three of them somehow seemed to "weld" themselves together, && became unselectable, undeletable, unmovable-- they just froze up. I tried turning off snapping, resized them to 32 x 32, and selecting them && a coupl'a other things-- no dice. Ended up deleting that layout and starting again. I am not-- i hope-- the only one this has ever happened to ?? Is there anything to do except "don't do that" ??
kind regards, mark-p.
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