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Hi guys :)

I finished my first new game with C2.
I started with an example included with the software and customized everything

You can play it on : http://youtubersfangames.com/squeezie-vs-haters/index.html

It's a fan game with a french youtuber against the haters, he have to destruct them :)
Game is in french but there aren't a lot of text.

The game and Rules :
- Hero must follow the arrows to find likes
- After several likes, he have to take the youtube trophee to win the level
- Time is counted for each level
- Each second left at the level end give you 100 points
- You can buy better weapons with points
- 10 levels with a boss for the end
- Online High score

Some people says that the game is too hard. Really ? What do you think ?
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