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Starter Template — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

A start template to create the structure of your games with Construct2

It has several functions to make your life easier when starting your projects.

It is not an example of a game of platforms or of any type it is only a template in which it is shown like to use data with a dictionary and to save that data in LocalStorage

Main Features

All the selected options in Main Menu will be stored on a dictionary named Data, this dictionary contains a pair of Key/Value of sounds, music, firstPlay, fullscreen options, when some value is updated is also saved on LocalStorage so the next time the game loads all data will be restored.


  • MainMenu
  • Pause
  • DeleteData
  • DeletingData
  • UI
  • Loader

Event sheets:

  • Globals
  • MainMenuE
  • GameE
  • LoaderE


Main Menu

  • NewGame / Continue Button
  • Delete data button
  • Music On / Off Button
  • Sounds On / Off Button
  • Fullscreen Button

Level_0 a dummy level to show you how the game pause / restore and a button to back to the main menu.

When in game user click or touch Pause button:

Set level background and player paused, the background stops the Sine behaviour and the player stops and no inputs are allowed for the user to move the player.

important: Read the license.txt yo can use this template for any purpose even commercial if you credits the use like "by Ulises Freitas"

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