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Stealth Platform Shooter GameKit — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Stealth Platform Shooter Game Kit

The Game Kit is designed to be really simple to use and customisable for beginners to Intermediate with less overhead for the whole project without using ANY third party plugin or WebGL effects. - Commented & neatly grouped so it is easy to understand.


  • Fully Featured & Customisable Enemy AI with Jumping, Patrolling and Chasing
  • Room Lights (On or Off/Destroyed)
  • Rain and Snow (Adjustable Speeds/On or Off/Rate/Use Sprite Width/Use Value/Generate Period/Contortion Sizes)
  • FULL Gamepad Support In addition to FULL Keyboard & Mouse Support
  • Expandable Weapons Arsenal with Weapon ID System
  • Throw any Weapon
  • Lasers (Adjustable Length/Width/Speed)
  • Doors (Adjustable Collider Width/Open/Closed)
  • Fully Adjustable Zoom
  • Destructable Windows
  • Tread Block (Push Player, AI or any other Object in a Directions)
  • Interior Tileset/ Exterior Tileset
  • Change Animations for Player or AI without effecting anything
  • Staircases
  • AI State Indicator
  • Power Generator (To Set Lights/Lazers/TreadBlcoks off)
  • Fully Animated Player & Enemy AI
  • Debug Info that can triggered into any Layout.

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The purchases of this product will help to make implementing new features easier as they are suggested If you have a suggestion please email to me or post a comment

The will be updated regularly

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