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Post » Sun May 29, 2011 2:44 pm

[quote="tulamide":az7clncy]You are defining a function over and over again on every tick. With Python's garbage collection this will be slow (and not needed)[/quote:az7clncy]
Good point! After taking the screenshot and posting I realized that and then got too lazy to repost. :wink: Plus your use of Python is much cleaner over all.

So go with Tulamide's is much better!
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Post » Sun May 29, 2011 4:10 pm

Thanks i have it working well now, the main thing was using a extra start of layout event as it makes things a lot simpler than having a single code in a always event. I then just use what tulamide suggests with a extra y position also if i ever need that. :D

Btw a offtopic question i have is if anyone else find getting a python errors/debugging annoying? when i get them it seems to keep triggering popups and crashes. Hopefully this could be fixed somehow so there is only 1 error instead or a list/debug view rather than popups to make it a nicer process.

Usually i fix any errors without a problem but they can show with a bad indent so sometimes they make things frustrating. I usually have to click close about 6 times each error i found but you can keep clicking for much longer if you are not closing them.
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