Strange Platform Movement Behavior at Runtime

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Post » Sat Sep 23, 2017 11:46 am

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I'm trying to put a simple prototype together for something, and I'm running into a bizarre issue just trying to put some platforms in the scene...

Using a tilemap for visual (no solid), and a basic sprite for the platform overlay (solid). Problem is, the position of both wildly changes when I run it. No idea why.

My best guess is it has something to do with the layout size (512, 1024) vs. the window size (500, 256). But what I don't get is why the camera isn't scrolling to the object I have that behavior set too? I can't anchor the camera/window bounds to the bottom of the layout, otherwise this would be easily solved. I need the elongated layout for a scene in my game that involves a tower, so shortening the layout isn't an option.

So again, any idea why this is happening? It seems like such a bizarre thing. Pics below.

Thanks for the help.
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