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Post » Wed Feb 11, 2015 1:48 am

Hi all :)

currently i am encountering very strange problems with audio, maybe someone of you guys can point me in the right direction!

Construct2 : 196.2
Testing with latest Chrome and latest Chrome Canary

1) SoundFX works fine in Chrome, but with Crome Canary there are problems! Sounds stop after a few seconds, later sounds aren`t played at all. when i switch the tab and then tab back the current sound is played then it stops working again. maybe this is just a bug which will be fixed till next release

2) Music isn`t working stable at all! i wrote the following code to enable disable music:

pretty simple switch and random song selection...
the following behavior apears with this:
- first song is played fine.
- mostly second thiong is played fine
- after that only the 2 first played songs are played at all when the random generator pics a new song.
- the songs who work are different with every restart
- i cant reaload the browser window when i enable this code
- the pathfinding only works 40% of the time
- if i disable the code the pathfinding works fine. there are no shared variables

- in Internet Explorer Music doesn`t play at all
- in FireFox EVERYTHING works like intended (Even reloading the page)!!!

Those issues are really annoing, as i mainly develop for crosswalk and with those bugs i cant use music which in my humble opinion is a very basic feature... any ides or suggestions?

thanks for your help!
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