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Strategy Knights War — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!


You are the King of the Knights of Dragon Castle. Warriors under your command belong to 3 different groups. They are, Spearmen, Knights and Archers. Real time strategy war takes place in the battlefield. The warriors from each group has different skills, and different costs to deploy.To send the warrior out to the battle field,

use the coins to buy and train them. The goal of the game is to overrun the enemy Castle. You will need proper strategy and tactics to defeat the enemy.


  • 40 Levels
  • Lots of bonus coins
  • Proper strategy rules!


There are 3 types of warriors:

  • Spearmen costs 3 coins
  • Archers costs 10 coins
  • Knights costs 30 coins

At the bottom of the screen is a Buy Warrior Panel.Tap at a warrior to select. If you have enough coins it will be sent for training and then into the battlefield.

Every 15 seconds you earn bonus coins. Every kill earns you either 3, 10 or 30 coins depending on which enemy is killed.


  • Well commented for easy understanding.
  • Easy to re-skin and modify
  • Designed for mobile but playable on Desktop too by using mouse clicks
  • Required paid version of Construct2 or Construct3 as it uses Object Families

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