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Street — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Use these sprite font sheets to make your game look cool!

The font sprite sheets comes with all the information you need to use them it in Construct 2:

  • Character width
  • Character height
  • Character set
  • A JSON string (for e.g. SpriteFont+).

You can use the fonts with the standard SpriteFont object - or use the better and more advanced SpriteFont+ object (included).

Included is several font styles and many color variations (60 sheets total) and a Construct 2 project to get you started quickly (the video below is from the Construct 2 project).

Save time, buy this asset!




If you like this asset or perhaps want me to add something, please let me know - and please rate it. Thanks!

... and don't forget to check out my 350 Sprite Fonts!


Purchasing this pack will allow you to use the assets in not only one but in all commercial games you ever make.

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