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Stylized Monochromatic Moody GUI — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

Create a moody, unique "indie" style mobile or PC game in no time with this highly editable and fully customisable GUI set!

Check out the screenshots! Everything you see (excluding the font and any text) is available for you to use immediately upon purchase!

- No need for photoshop or illustrator as each individual asset has been exported as a high resolution .PNG

- Inclusion of vector files means that the assets are fully scaleable without quality loss. (great for mobile dev)

- File types include .eps , .ai , PDF and PNG

- Assets are suitable for a variety of game types and the entire kit has been designed to be highly customisable.

- Feel free to contact me if you have any problems or questions. I'm happy to help out!

Included assets list:

- Four different backgrounds

- Several "bits and pieces" including:

- 4 non animated characters

- Loading bar

- gesture icons for tutorials

- HUD counters and level meters (for gold, collectables etc)

- HUD dialogue box (RPG style)

- A cosmetic or store item viewer

- Level and world progress graphics including a player rating system

- A power level meter

- Various settings graphics (toggle switch, sliders)

- Tooltips

- 30 standard GUI buttons with normal, hover, pressed and muted versions of each.

- 8 versatile power up buttons

- Fully editable icons (separated from buttons)

- 8 different content windows


If you end up using this GUI in any public projects, feel free to drop me a line to show me what you've done! I love games and art and it's great to see the amazing talents of upcoming developers.

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