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Post » Tue Dec 17, 2013 3:42 pm

Hello everyone.

In C2, pathfind is a nice behavior for game design. And i think maybe we can make a different way for pathfinding.
Now pathfind movement seems to use the way like this: 1, set some solids as obstacles; 2, let the pathfinding sprite choose a way to avoid obstacles.
Sometimes, i hope pathfind movement can use a different way like this: 1, set some solids as "way"; 2, let the pathfinding sprite move along the "way".
That means no obstacles exist, pathfind movement only move along some lines, circles, or other shapes.
I'm doubt whether i expressed clearly...
If this way of pathfind can be done, i think we can find much more fun in game design.
I've searched the forum for this problem, but no result. If i missed something, please tell me.
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