Summoner's Bond (Monster Catch Game)

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Post » Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:45 pm

So far I have a large portion of the battle GUI up and running, along with timed message events. I actually have ALOT more done in gamemaker, but I'm remaking it in Construct from the ground up as I feel Construct to be a better platform. The game will feature Mythical creatures (most of which are found in legend). Your character will forge Bonds with them, allowing them to be called during combat. He'll have a gauntlet with gems in it that power his summons.

Click the image below to test it out:

Ultimately I plan to allow messaging, trading AND battling through the net. :D

I'm working on this program as well as my RPG (the Realm of Shadows) and a jewel-match type game I'll announce the WIP for soon.
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