‘Super Mario 64’ Now Running In Unreal Engine 4?

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Post » Tue Mar 21, 2017 3:59 pm

Interesting article and this is what some Scirra game designers need to do to bring attention to the C2 engine:

"A die-hard fan of the “Super Mario 64” game that was launched alongside the Nintendo 64 is remaking the 3D action-adventure platformer in order for it to run in Unreal Engine 4. More than two years since the project started, the fan is now back to showcase the improvements he has done to the project and the progress in the fan remake of the very successful video game.

Just late last week, the fan, who goes by the handle aryoksini on YouTube, uploaded a new clip on the video-sharing website to update his fans about the remake of “Super Mario 64.” In his new video, aryoksini shows his fellow gamers that the remake now has realistic eye shade, indirect shadows and improved character LOD. The update video also features several items from the original game that have been updated to match the more defined environment of the remake."


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