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Post » Mon Dec 03, 2012 4:16 am

I'm wanting to create a program for use on my Android phone. This program will need to have a list of different items that I can use swiping to sift through and then pick one item with a touch.

I'm working on the swiping interface right now and I included a .capx. It seems to work ok on my computer but seems a little more buggy on my phone so I'm wondering if anyone can improve upon it or if there are any other good examples out there?


I'm also wondering if there is a good scrollable list example program? I know about the scroll-to feature so I could probably make a program with a scrolling layer to hold the items and a static layer to hold the window. The way I did it was to just change the y-location of the text itself. Ideally, my program would be slightly flexible to change the size of the text items based on the size of the screen.

Also, to run a Construct 2 program on my Android phone, does it have to run in the browser or could it theoretically be uploaded to the "Google Play" store and downloaded like a regular app?

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