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Post » Tue Apr 15, 2014 7:26 am

Ok, that's enough of that. @megatronx, I understand you're having a hard time imagining why someone would have difficulty copying and pasting something, but that sort of attitude in response doesn't help anyone and just escalates things and gets people upset, which you just saw happen. Perhaps there is something you're missing about his situation why copy and paste isn't working right, maybe even something he's unaware of like some third party software interfering somehow. If you don't feel like posting anything helpful in a non-antagonizing fashion, then please don't post in that thread. We're trying to keep this place friendly as possible for everyone, and posting in that manner never causes good feelings.

@Spindraft, I understand your being upset with megatronx's posts, but personal attacks are not allowed on this forum either, so please refrain from using insults and notify a moderator instead.

So please, everyone, calm down. The point of this place to try to help people, so let's try to get this thread back on track. I'd rather not lock the thread.
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Post » Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:16 am


Click full editor, and scroll down below text box you will see upload attachment. Click that And upload an example capx. Walk us through exactly what is the issue.

Couple things to note. This is code, not word document :)
And programmers are shortcut users, so have a look here (I have it on my wall at all times) will attach a nice printable copy for you.

I speed read this, so forgive me for not hitting all your issues.

I just want to cover the red X - this can be found by right clicking the event and you will notice X invert <- that is how you insert the X
What the X does is very very important. If you read the manual (this is not an attack, it is a nudge) you will have read about conditions and would know that Conditions can be inverted, which flips the thing they test (very cool feature)
For example, the condition Monster is overlapping Player is true whenever a monster is touching the player. However, if inverted, it appears with a red invert icon X and means Monster is not overlapping Player.

If you put those into the code, everything shoud work.

Also because this is code, you cannot copy and paste anywhere. It is a safty feature. you can't paste code that references an object when that object doesn't exist for example.

Anyways, I understand where everyone is coming from. It is extremely frustrating to help someone when they are not prepared to learn - Any software comes with a learning curve, and most folks won't even open a manual.
C2 is has a learning curve, it takes a programming learning curve of everest, and turns it into a gentle hill. But it still requires learning. So we veterans like to check on is user actually willing to do some work and learn. In your case you haven't even read 20 pages of the manual - So understand that we trying to talk the same language, but you don't know the language.

The mod has stepped in and called a seace fire, which is great, no one likes conflict. But we also don't have to help anyone either. megatronx has a wealth of knowledge, and he is actually very helpful, but you didn't meet him halfway in actually reading the manual. This is what started the confrontation.

So recap. Read the manual. Make references to sections within and use the upload attachment feature when making posts by adding example capx. Give info as much as possible.
But inportant - READ THE MANUAL. Check out tutorial section. Build a few example games (such a large amount of knowledge found > Open construct > click new > scroll down to examples and open them up ) Be blown away with those babies :lol:

Edit: Forgot to add your nice printable shortcuts :roll:
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Post » Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:29 am

I had this working then rearranged some things and now it does not work. I have found that at times simply changing, adding or deleting code does not activate properly when testing the game. Its as if the whole thing is stuck in the previous scope and unable to update to the new commands.


Okay. Firstly never ever delete code - Disable it. Right Mouse click - Toggle Disable (it strikes it out) Delete code only at end when everything is finished, working.

How you testing?
You think you can do these things, but you can't, Nemo!
Just keep reading.
Just keep learning.
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Post » Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:13 pm

I apologize to all for my part in the argument. I also thank those that helped. The copy/paste issue was never really meant to be the main focus of anything, it was a mention on my part to suggest that whatever the current deal is/was should be adjusted. I can open the HTML pages so can copy/paste in there just fine. I found the "invert" reference, it is under Conditions in the manual but it is still out of place in a code editor and easily overlooked by those who would know its normal use which is in graphical editors like GIMP. I admit that I did not read the Manual page for page. I read through the first couple of sections and then began to search out the portion that dealt with the area I was working on. Good tutorials should also explain what can go wrong and how to correct it as well which the ones I read don't. Everything is written from the point of view that the reader has complete understanding of the material which is almost never the case. I have one layout, am working on the art, story idea, reading tutorials, browsing the forum for info and practicing code block so I think it is quite natural to utilize the forum to help with a trouble area as well. What I felt like is that Mega saw the short number of posts under my avatar and marked me as illiterate based on that. Is all fine, I have worked with many programs and they all have their differenceces, code blocks just present a new set of problems to learn. I appreciate that Mega has a wealth of knowledge but I do not feel the need to bow down at ones feet to ask for it. Thanks to all and again I apologize to the board for my part in arguing.
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Post » Tue Apr 15, 2014 1:53 pm

Even with all its quirks, Id still rather deal with events, then have to put up with the nonsense syntax of code.
Pasting code might seem like an alternative. but you don't really get an understanding of the logic when you do that sometimes.
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Post » Tue Apr 15, 2014 3:16 pm

It was easy to realize for everyone that you just starting with the software by the fact that you have issues with communicating its basics. You had no reason after my first post to come back at me with your pseudo-intellectual offense, assuming I'm so stupid I won't get your sarcasm. It's hardly possible to help if other person is not using same terminology. Expect people not to help solve simple problems that can be resolved quickly with manual, tutorials and some >experimentation<. So sending you back to manual and tutorials was right thing to do.

I write my code's logic on paper. Then doing it in C2 is fairly straight forward. But I already know what I can do in C2. If the workflow is not suitable for your liking then there are alternatives like Unity or GM, where you can script the code in a common fashion.


I know that moving things around in event sheet can get clunky, that's why in my first post I've send the man to the manual. Even if it wasn't the answer he was looking for, Spindraft struck a nerve with me with his passive-aggressive, egocentric response.
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Post » Thu Apr 17, 2014 6:48 pm

Spindraft wrote:@ruskul Right on, This is a beautiful set up as far as people not having to code at all and other games have tried block code type interfaces. The problem is that it is way harder to try and comprehend how another individual has interpreted the way code should be layed out rather than see how it physically looks and works together. This is great but it would be much easier to understand if the block titles were a bit more precise in places. For instance the invert action. This is common in graphic editors but trying to see it as an or for is can be a bit of a stretch to most folks and these types of issues run throughout this editor. I still cannot get copy/paste to work properly (honestly I havn't tried again lately) but I will keep at it. Thanks .

True true. That is a good point.

When you copy paste, have you noticed that if you click an individual component of an event, it only copies that component when another event is selected and paste is used. If you select the whole event and copy when hiting paste it usually puts it below the event selected.... though I sometimes have to move it after pasting and then move another event when sub events are used.
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Post » Fri Apr 18, 2014 12:50 am

Hello @Spindraft

Spindraft wrote:.... or else it just does not like WIN8.

As for reading tutorials I am quite capable of this and this is what irritates me about it. I had this working then rearranged some things and now it does not work. I have found that at times simply changing, adding or deleting code does not activate properly when testing the game. Its as if the whole thing is stuck in the previous scope and unable to update to the new commands.

I just want to know why this does not work when every tutorial I have read says it should.

Just a thought since you are running Win8. I develop games for Widows Store, currently using Win8.1, and always test using IE.

I have noticed that with IE if any changes don't seam to be working then you may just need to delete the browsers history.

IE is definitely a bit of a pig in this regard, it has got me frustrated a few times when things that I knew should work didn't. So now I tend to do this quite often out of sheer habit.

So if you are testing in IE that may be some or the issue here.

Spindraft wrote:I am trying to post the dropbox URL for the .capx but now I have to have 300 rep to do that, how in the world can one do what is asked of him when all that lies in the path are obstacles?????

Yeah - a moderator may want to correct me here if I am wrong:

That is an anti spam thing - bit frustrating no doubt - but I think Ashley and Tom had good reason to make it that way.

However I think you can just provide the partial address for your mycpaxondropboxurl - just leave the www stuff off and other posters can add that themselves, until you get enough rep. Most of the folk here are more than happy to help and don't mind doing that.

Hope this helps.
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