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Post » Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:10 am

Effort produces results.

Alee had to make that procedural galaxy in several engines over more than a year to get it where it is now. I definitely saw Eden over a year ago on another engine, I forget which one. I've been working on Void Runner for well over three years in Construct, in Game Maker, in OGRE, in Unity, and I DO know how to program in C++ already. I use C++ plugins developed alongside Construct to work on my game, because I know the effort is worth it. I've been learning how to program since I was thirteen, over ten years ago, and I still move slow. Game development isn't a quick fix, it's a long journey.

If you don't think the effort is worth it, then don't do it.
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Post » Thu Nov 11, 2010 12:58 pm

I love your enthusiasm and your wall of texts, irbis!
*edit* no sarcasm here!

Here's my suggestion:

No need to *stab your eyes* right now! :P Just grab Construct and play with it. While I think 6 months is a nice estimative, it really depends on your skills and your available time everyday.

Since your game is planned to have different sections, I guess you should begin with the easiest one (I'm thinking the platform / spaceship walking, as it has a behavior just for that). Make a small version of every feature you wish in this game's section, don't focus on details. Then proceed to the next on.

I think Construct is more than capable of handling a game like yours, it's just a matter of planning.
Cheers! And good luck!
If you need any help or feedback, we'll be here :wink:[/quote:2tfpi6al]

thank you mate! i really needed someone to cheer me up :( think of it as descent writer who have a great ideas and rich imagination but dont know how to write. i am propably in similiar position.

Ill try that with the platformer and see what'll happend.

because this idea for a game is growing within me from when i was 10 i am so emotional. i have everything in my head already. the spaceships, the weapons, the story, planets, crew, events, statistics, controls, battle system, inventory system, upgrade system, achievemets, hidden content, content that you must unblock. if i close my eyes i can see all this. and i am literaly in pain untill i will kick all this ut of my head. i want to play my game so badly. but i have soo many problems to develope it. i even learned Photoshop, 3d Max, Audacity, and all other programs in order to produce assets for my game but i cant find a proper yet easy to pick up tool to connect all those assest into a game. i cant name how frustrating it is. and things are even worst as i had been working as a payed game designer in past. and back then - the only thing i needed was to make up things, and then give them to programmers and artists - and they dressed my ideas into shapes and forms. and now i am all alone with my head bursting with ideas and without anybody to make my ideas real. they were my hands and now i learn how to grow new ones. and it is a terribly painfull and troublesome process. thats why i aim for the most plain, easy, DUMB game creating prgrams.

[quote:2tfpi6al]If you don't think the effort is worth it, then don't do it.[/quote:2tfpi6al]

you think of the efford in to general fasion. i am ready to work on my game, as i stated, for all the eternity. pay attention to this sentce in literal way. to work ON my game. not "to learn HOW to make my game".
so basicly, to produce content and assets. to create. as long as i create something i can work for all my life and i wont complain. but i cant afford wasting my time. i have too few of it.
you gone a long way with you game, switched engines and learned them, learned programing and gained expirience. also, you had been doing that from time when you were 13yo. this is when you started. well i am 26 yo and i cant race with 13yo fresh and open mind. you walked on foot - i prefer to take the train. as i said: i am doing a game for basicly myself. i am not aiming at Blizzard or Microsoft.

see this? http://www.viddler.com/explore/irbis/videos/1/
made under one week. without any knowledge and expirience what so ever. without any Adobe Affter Effect. purely on game engine.

effords are wourthless without good plan and trickery.
you are a game dev - you enjoy making games.
i am a gamer - i enjoy playing games.

its like with martial arts. you train for long long years. and when some guy attack you - you kick his butt. i never had time for such a long learning procces. thats why i use this instead:

you martial arts are more flexible, enriches you in many way. but i dont want all that. i just want to kick a butt when i need. because thats my horizon. yes it is narrow and plain. but its my. you're is much wider and valuable. but its yours.

PS: for past and future notes: sorry if i look offensive. i am not. almost never. i am just an agressive talker but theres no real agression behind the words. its just my style of comunicating.
yup i EM emotional.

and sorry for this WoTs (WallOfText). i think i cant write diffrently :P
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Post » Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:05 pm

I know how it is just to WANT to play a game that you have been thinking of. That's how I started making my own games. I wanted to play a game with all these different aspects that would make the game great just like what your talking about. I started out on game maker I have 100s half finished games. Some that I hope to soon transfer to Construct.

What I am trying to say I guess is that yea Im a gamer like you I believe all of us here are. That's the whole reason I became a game developer. To make and play games that I wanted. I have made progress I started back around 2005. Learning and making games and mods. I have made alot since then and learned alot. There's never really a quick way to make a good working game. Its going take awhile yea some games you can make in a week or a couple of months. But its depending on the game and the person that's making it.

The game you were talking about. With all the detail and all. I would LOVE to see a game like that. That's the main reason I started making games. I wanted a game with a deep story massive areas, huge amount of details. I want to make that game some day.

Well enough of my rant for now lol. Anyways though if you need help ask me. I don't mind.
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Post » Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:45 pm

Your enthusiasm is great, but your patience, and will to commit to something, is lacking.

Without knowing anything about Construct, you won't be able to make your game. Plain and simple as that. Give yourself 6 months to learn it and experiment with small tests. You can't expect to just say "time to work on my game!", crack open Construct (or any other dev tool) with 0 experience and start on a linear path to completion. Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear, but it's the truth. If your patience with Construct is as minimal as you're expressing, then don't even think about C++, it will just be a waste of time.

[quote="irbis":2vkcbznr]work ON my game. not "to learn HOW to make my game". [/quote:2vkcbznr]
This is like saying: I want to cook a world class meal, but I don't want to learn how to cook. Learning how to make your game comes before making it. Making it is the easy part.

[quote="irbis":2vkcbznr]its like with martial arts. you train for long long years. and when some guy attack you - you kick his butt. i never had time for such a long learning procces. thats why i use this instead:

That's great. However, a taser does the fighting for you, it's not you kicking the butt, it's the taser. It is analogous to hiring a programmer to work on your game. If you want to make the game yourself, you have to learn many things.

Construct is, by analogy, more like you hiring a world class fighter to teach you the fundamentals of fighting, and giving you a great dojo to train in and test your moves. You'll come out a fancy fighter who knows his stuff, and learned from the best. You will learn relatively fast.

C++ is like going out into the woods, punching trees, and fighting wolves with your bare hands. With enough determination you'll come out a master, but the process won't be easy, or always fun.

[quote="irbis":2vkcbznr]i aim for the most plain, easy, DUMB game creating prgrams. [/quote:2vkcbznr]
There are no dumb game creation programs. They all require you to learn how to program, no matter how they try to dress it up. Sure, you might be able to make a little demo of a sprite jumping around with no experience, but that's not a game. Construct organizes code into powerful logical blocks which are easy to rearrange and test. That doesn't mean you never have to think. It just means that the syntax learning is out of the way. You still have to think, you still have to learn, you still have to get down and get into the nitty gritty.

[quote="irbis":2vkcbznr] i prefer to take the train.[/quote:2vkcbznr]
Where you're going, there is no train. Hitch a ride on the good old horse named Construct, or start crawling with C++.
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Post » Thu Nov 11, 2010 11:54 pm


I reed most of this topic. I understand your problem with not willing to learn programming ( because it's boring for artists).

I pulled out a prototype of a platform game, with few features that needed some eventing, with decent gameplay in two days, only to learn construct. I did had small help with few things, but you want learn things u don't know until someone show you how too. So i learned :> So that depends on how smart you are... just kidding.

Go to [url:2pk80ktu]http://www.scirra.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=8[/url:2pk80ktu] for tutorials, find the one that r most relevant to what you need.

I'm very basic in Construct, and most things i do are not best solutions event-wise, but they work :)
Prototype of your game i could make in up to three days.

And i know RMVX ( and XP, and 2K etc) very well. And believe me that the biggest difference is the interface and possibilities but its not that much harder to use it. The biggest difference thought is the fact that you have to make your own engine using plug-ins and events.

So my advice for you is to do 3 simple little prototype games for every part of your main game and experiment with your ideas. And then star new project and include everything you learn in it.

Hope that helped
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