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SyncStorage — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

What you buy here?

  • SyncStorage plugin for C2 (c2addon) and C3 (c3addon)
  • Save to LocalStorage example capx
  • Save to file example capx (export with NW.js for testing)

What is SyncStorage?

SyncStorage is memory storage which acts as a bridge for various databases like local storage, files or external DBs. In other words it's a substitute for LocalStorage plugin with additional features like data encoding and exporting data.

And most importantly it makes using any storage much more comfortable.

Features / Why should I use SyncStorage instead of LocalStorage?

  • SyncStorage operates on data directly in the memory (fastest possible storage),
  • Unlike LocalStorage, SyncStorage is synchronous (get/set/compare functions work instantly),
  • Built-in data encoding feature (configurable),
  • Can save data to local storage or export as JSON (or encoded string) to be then saved to file or any external DB,
  • When using SyncStorage to save data to LocalStorage, it uses the official LocalStorage plugin's JS library (SyncStorage will always remain compatible with local storage even after LocalStorage library update/change),
  • Has user friendly ACEs, can easily compare two items from the storage, etc.


  • When working in LocalStorage mode, simply add official LocalStorage plugin to the project to load the LS JS library (see example capx).
  • When working in custom mode (save to file for instance) there is no dependency.

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