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Post » Fri Jun 22, 2012 3:39 pm

@Ashley can you add to your todo list an option to set the tab stop index for controls? As it is now the tab index is based on the order the controls were put into the layout. So if you rearrange the layout the tab stops can get all screwy and out of visual order.

The easiest way to demonstrate this is to put 3 text boxes on a layout and run it. Tab should move thru em in the order they were created. Now rearrange em visually in the layout and run it again...

Also while Im thinkin about it... Is it just me or do the controls look all messed up and not in the right positions on iOS?

In my layout (no scrolling no scaling no fullscreen etc) it looks fine on desktop browsers but when I got there on my phone the buttons are super small and you cant see all the text and everythings shifted up and to the left like 100px? Theres no anchoring or anythin... the doesnt have to be the layout doesnt move or resize
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Post » Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:26 pm

I have this same problem. I have several text boxes and the tab order isn't right since I modified my layout after I designed the first part.

It thought that tab order was dictated by the objects' UID, but I made a little test changing the objects' UID's in the layout's XML file and it didn't work.

The tabindex property is definitely needed in the object properties -please.
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