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Post » Wed Apr 08, 2009 7:34 pm

I'm trying to get my arduino to interface with a Construct game. The arduino can only send serial data, so i use a software proxy called GoBetwino to convert serial strings into other things. i can type in notepad etc using the arduino, but it doesn't seem to let me press keys for my construct game. according to his manual, "The SENDK command type is based on the Windows API function SendKeys."

so is there a way to get this working? is it something that needs to be patched on Construct's side or fixed on the GoBetwino side? i've proposed this issue to arduino/gobetwino developers as well.

edit: it DOES type characters into edit boxes inside construct. but it can't trigger keyboard events. so as a workaround, i can grab whatever's in the edit box and use it as input. this should work, though i wish it worked for regular keyboard events, too.
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