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Post » Wed Oct 09, 2013 3:38 am

Talk dirty TTS is a small application for making voice dialogs, and Lip-syncing animations.

* Save and load characters, for later use.
* 92 accents available.
* 4 Female and 7 male modifiers for almost every dialect.
* Saves Phonics file for lip-syncing applications like Magpie.
* Awesome flag animations thanks to C2's WebGL magic!

Coming soon:
Phon file playback for C2 games.
Animated playback sprites for C2.

You can make some neat robot voices, or use the Wav file for your voice actors to listen to while they read their script. (timing is everything)

You need to install eSpeak for this to work:

Here is the official Sourceforge page for Talk Dirty TTS:
Talk Dirty TTS
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