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Arena Mini-Game & PC

The Idea:
ArenaBall is a online multiplayer competitive game that places the users in an environment where dodgeball is king and you go head to head in three game modes, either 2v2, 3v3, or 6v6. ArenaBall follows the rules of dodgeball in various game types. You get to work your way up the ranking ladder to become the dodgeball King or Queen, and while you play you can collect power ups such as anti-gravity, super jump, or instant kill to get that needed advantage on the opposing player.

Our team contains of two people, including myself.

Michael Hite - CEO of Invader Studios, Head Programmer
Brandon Broadstone - Project Manager, PR, Programmer.

We currently have a main menu, the ability to host, join, and search for servers. We also have the ability to join servers with your friends and play online; multiplayer.

What We Are Looking For:
We are currently looking for only three more people that will be willing to put the effort into making ArenaBall come to life.
•One Concept Artist.
•One 3D Modeler that is also able to animate.
•One Sound Designer.

Please contact me at mail:[email protected] if you are interested in joining something good.
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