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Its our first game and is going really well, Ted the Undead is a Physics based Platform Sidescroller where you must complete obsticals to get further to completing the story as such, It also holds some of the most beautiful graphics and music ive ever seen from an indie game if i may say so myself! I dont want to give to much away just yet as its only in day 5 of development.

Below you can find a link to check a Recent test we did testing out parallax, Lighting and Artwork, You can also find links to both our Facebook fanpage (please give it a like if you're liking the project) Where you can keep up-to date on Ted's Progress :D (please do so) we should have a Studio Website up soon!

Check the test out on Youtube!

Like us on Facebook here for more info!

Music by the Amazing Those City Lights, click to check them out on facebook!
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