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Post » Tue Dec 28, 2010 10:24 am

Try and ignore the bad name of the game, TEMS was going to be a series of games I was creating but it didnt really turn... out.

Battle Pong is based on the Pong template that comes with Construct, but set in space. Instead of simple bats, the bats are now large mother ships defelcting the incoming ball. Of course, there is a twist.

As well as concentrating on the ball, the player must also use the score gained by keeping the ball out of your side and into the other players side to build ships that fly around in the middle of the field. There are your miners, that collect the spawning cargo littered around the map, which boost your score, and there are battleships that attack your opponents ships.

Overall, the aim of the game is to aquire 10,000 points and win the game!

The only problem I am still trying to fix is that once a player has built his max amount of ships, the other player has a large amount of difficulty fighting back, if it is even possible. Also, there is no AI yet, so you can only play against another player.

Instructions in download.

Download Link:

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