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Post » Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:02 pm

I dunno if this the real issue, sense C2 uploaded to Scirra Arcade while GM test on a plain empty site ? sometime the website activities can Eat the game performance so badly, this one of worst flaw for HTML5 apps, if your computer don't have strong graphic card or enough ram like my garbage laptop too, you likely will suffer too :(.

before i had made a platformer with GM HTML5 that run fine on my website and dropbox, but as it's uploaded to a gaming website, they used to have facebook , update news box, chat and many craps cover the homepage, which affect my game performance so badly because it's not flash but an HTML5.

my game link (they remove the website plugins that slow down html5 games which made the problem is less recognizable than it was)

platform gameprinsukun2012-03-08 17:04:39
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Post » Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:25 pm

I've tested on dropbox too, the problem stays the same :(

But you are right that sometimes web site decrease performances because of plugin, big page etc that my laptop has some difficulties to display...I've better performances when I test on Dropbox that Scirra Arcade for example. But the performances stay under when I make the same test with the GM version (on dropbox too).

That's why I continue searching the reason. And I think I will never find it. Perhaps it is simply the fact that each software works with differents routines and some are better on a legacy system but other is better on a more recent system.
CrystalNoir2012-03-08 20:05:07
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