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I'm not a programmer so I'm not sure if it is actually as complicated, I don't find typing things out that complicated, I think construct can make that part easier through it's event editor, I just find the logic hard to wrap my head around. Probably just as hard as regular programming?


You're tackling the same sort of problems so it's programming the same really, when I was really into Max MSP, i found at first I loved that I didn't have to code (it's a visual based midi music type programming thing), eventually though I found the visual thing to have a problem reminiscent of the wire problem they had with early computers... so basically I find visual programming the usual limitation is having to do a lot of copy and pasting sort of like functional programming (i think lol).

Where I am a bit stuck is still keeping track of items created in Construct, I could implement a tile map editor thing with what I currently have actually, because I could rely on the pick closest function as a dirty workaround to delete the tiles, however I want the same code to create enemies that then move about...

Reading your posts I get the impression that things created in events are more easily referenced somehow, anything created by python code:

System.Create(objectname, layer, x, y)

it just seems to end up floating (or lost), i can store all the UID's any bit of data right after creation... because you can find it with SOL.objectname.UID, you can do anything right after creation thank god otherwise my tile layer was laying tiles on top of my main sprites...

no but if you then create another sprite of the same type later, you can no longer reference the first one, and I have tried all sorts of syntax. For example objectname[1] would reference the second create sprite, but only if it's created by construct, not by "System.Create(objectname, layer, x, y)"

oh man this is driving me mad, i don't mean to put your thread off topic I don't think I am I think we're trying to do similar things, creating items that are under control of the code and then removed by the code etc...
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Post » Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:37 pm

By going into Python I think you might be over complicating it somehow. I'm not sure what to suggest because I don't have the most experience but I think it's harder to reference something by it's UID than just finding an altogether different workaround.

Which brings me to a different point...

I've now meshed one of the examples R0J0hound pointed me to with my project. It works great except for one thing... because I position everything based on the width of my text objects, there is a gap before it starts placing them. Previously I got around this by using a generic loop with global variables, and not incrementing it until the end of the event.

The way I position all the text objects needs a "For Each Object" command though, if I try doing this same thing they flicker all over the place. Any ideas?
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Post » Wed Nov 14, 2012 4:50 pm

yeah sorry R0J0hound came to the rescue and gave me the answer.

i was just going epicly mad.

python is the only option for me due to the complexity of what I want, although that scripting system is pretty cool it starts to encounter it's limitations when you want to target a certain particular instance of a sprite, it has like this sort of assumption system where it was like the last thing you spawned.

I have a class with functions now that can create a grid of tiles/sprites anything, as per an array etc. Roj provided a bit of code that does not even need to be understood if you knick my funtion you can begin work on python along the lines of:

Bob = Spawn(Sprite01,128,256,3)
Ted = Spawn(Sprite01,128,256,3)


now I guess the only way to do that in the event system is to select an object at a location, now that aint no good if bob goes for a walk. I posted the function in my SOL thread.
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