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Post » Mon Mar 29, 2010 8:46 am

So I've been reading on here about a lot of people employing a bloom effect, I've tried the HBlur, VBlur x2 + Glow on a Canvas on a layer "above" all my other layers, and then I tried the same thing but used Additive Plus instead of Glow, I can't seem to get very good results with either, is there something I'm missing?

The Additive Plus looks really nice on everything, but it can be a bit harsh on the grey value I have, would it be efficient to have some different layers interspersed between my main graphical ones that all produce a small bloom effect that would give depth, or is that going to kill the vram. Also, I've heard people say that Construct's Blur effects are a bit slow. I've noticed this. Any alternative's?
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