The game runs via wifi but the apk freeze in 2s

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Post » Sun Feb 08, 2015 2:03 am

I'm sorry if it's not a normal "how do I" question but I'm kind lost with this new problem. I'm working on an auto-runner like game and it works fine via wifi. The game have some brutal lag at the beginning, but stay stable after a couple seconds. The major problem is that the apk, built with crosswalk for android, freeze after 2 seconds when I'm in the layout where the gameplay happens. Always. I have no clue how it can be possible. If it's not happening with me playing via wifi, the problem can't be the events, right?

I have some informations on screen for testing purposes and the fps, time scale, object count and everything else freeze too. However, the music keep playing, so I guess the game is not crashing.
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