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Post » Wed Jan 25, 2012 9:37 am


I'm an avid gamer and have been for a long time. I got started on something old. . . can't remember anymore. Either our Tandy 1000 or IBM Compatible or something. Didn't even have a hard drive, just 5 1/4 floppies. The game that got me interested in my lifelong love of RPGs was "Heroes of the Lance", and later the Krynn series drove it home. Unfortunately, though wildly creative, I have spit all for skill in game development.

I've dabbled in RPGMaker 2 (Playstation 2), RPGMaker VX, and lightly in Python coding recently. I'm more of a story writer than code monkey, and have far more experience in doing so (over a dozen years of RP story writing on forums). I've written on request multiple times, but may not be able to devote hours to someone else's project since my family keeps me pretty busy (willing to give out ideas and proofread, however). I can also use image editing software with slightly more proficiency than a drunk epileptic wallaby at a rave, so my UI and such are usually decent.

So far I'm liking Construct 2 more than RPGMVX. I'll still need help with the code until I get used to it, but you can be sure I'll bruise my brain trying it myself before I ask. Also, when I do ask, I'll be trying to get the how and why of it, not just the fix. Won't learn if I just plug and play, neh?

Hope to get to know you all a bit, but don't be surprised if I go inactive for months at a time. My life's unpredictable like that.
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Post » Wed Jan 25, 2012 2:37 pm

Hey guys,

Just wanted to introduce myself a bit and say hello to the community. I would not consider myself a major gamer (i have very specific tastes and tend to enjoy what others don't ). I am a very uninformed and very NEW game maker. I've played around with other platforms but usually found them limiting or, even more often, found the community to be a bit snub nosed and unhelpful. I'm an ex military family man with a wonderful daughter.

I played around with the Construct 2 systems (free version) for about 3 days, and yesterday decided that this is the platform I've been waiting for, and purchased the standard edition. I'm a far more experienced writer then programer, and have 0 experience in graphic design or using Photoshop or any other such program.

Currently I'm working on my first project that is more of a way for me to learn the system then to produce something good (got to start somewhere right?). I apologize ahead of time for asking to many questions, but I do enjoy questions (don't worry, I do my best to search forums, manuals, and tutorials before asking)

Cstix out
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Post » Wed Jan 25, 2012 4:33 pm

Welcome to the site everyone!
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Post » Thu Jan 26, 2012 7:18 pm

Hello everybody!
MY name is Roope, but i use my "artist" name Minilinkki often on internet (well, will use, after SOPA or ACTA, not so sure).
Artist? yeah, what kind of?
Well i do pixel art and draw stuff, i just found this program and fell love with it.

I want make all my (of course 2d game) dreams true with this and when i am enough good, i will move on... But yeah, today i found out how to make char move, how to make solid platform and also how to make something to disappear by touch. Lol.

Hello and i hope, my messy text won't bother you! since i am from Finland and English isn't my native language.
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Post » Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:29 pm

Greetings from Canada! I'm Aaron Parsons, a interactive media student from Manitoba and I'm doing a video game in Construct 2 as an independant study before I graduate in June. I'm know Javascript, HTML5, and a little bit of PHP.

I'm also a game music composer on the side too so if anyone needs an RPG, Streets of Rage style, or chiptune type music, send me a PM and I'll see what I can offer you.

For a demo musically speaking, take a listen:
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Post » Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:10 am

Hi, I'm Kirk, from Vancouver Canada. I started programming little games and things at age 10, using tools nowhere as civilized or sophisticated as Construct.
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Post » Fri Jan 27, 2012 8:31 am


I received the standard edition of Construct 2 as a gift, and I am excited to learn how to use it!

My gaming history is a bit limited since video games were barely part of my childhood, and now that I have access to video games, I can get very picky. However, when I do find a game that I really enjoy, I can get a bit obsessive.

This is a new experience for me as I have no programming knowledge, which is why Construct 2 is so attractive, but I'll be trying my best to make playable games using the provided tutorials here and asking friends like Google. I'm a bit shy when I dive into unknown territories, so I will most likely be lurking in the shadows.
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Post » Fri Jan 27, 2012 10:03 pm

Welcome @Tokki and all new recent members.
Enjoy your CC/C2
New to Construct ? Where to start

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Image Image

Please attach a capx to any help request or bug report !
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Post » Fri Jan 27, 2012 11:47 pm

Hello everyone!

Novice game designer here to learn and meet new people.

To be honest with you, I find programing to be very overwhelming. I did the C2 tutorial and thought "hey this is pretty easy." Then I looked at some of the stuff you guys have posted and said "wow, I have no clue where to start and could never do that." None the less, creating a video game as been a child hood dream so here I am. Any advice on making coding not feel so daunting?

Technically speaking I always wanted to be a creative director for a video game, or work on game play/balancing aspects. So if anyone would like help/testing/ideas/opinions on their work, ask away.

Also, my true skills lie in music composition if anyone needs help with that I would be glad to work with someone. I am just here to learn and hopefully create something interesting. :)
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Post » Sat Jan 28, 2012 4:32 am

Hello World!

I'm looking for game creation, play games made by other users.. and make my own game for share.. I really liked this engine, it's so easy and fun, i'm a beginner at the game creation world, and this engine is a gift from the gods XD

Thnx guys! Have a nice day =)

(sry for my bad english) Seriall2012-01-28 04:36:02
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