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Post » Sun Nov 01, 2009 6:59 pm

Hallo! Pretty cool forum; I like it. :)
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Post » Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:12 pm

Hello all :P

My names Christian, originally from Southern California but I'm living in Korea right now. I've been designing levels and maps on paper since I was 6 years old, and I got into gaming originally on a Atari 600XL (Jumpman Jr and Miner 2049er were my favorites!). I owned most the of the 8 and 16 bit systems and was a big Playstation head. I still love modern games but feel they lack the charm and entertainment value of many older games. My favorite genre is brawlers and I'm a big fan of Double Dragon II and Streets of Rage (especially the remake that was put out). I'm really happy about the reemergence of 2D games in the market, and am filled with glee when I hear a young person confess their like of 2D games.

I got into game design on a TI-89 caclulator. I made a simple game of snake. To date it's the only game I've completed. My passion is level design, which I got into with Excitebike for the NES and a n architecture program for an old Apple IIe. My heyday was creating levels for Medal Of Honor: Allied assault for the PC. The levels I created were gimmicky and never really achieved acclaim, but they were praised for being fun and original. I'm still very proud of those levels!

I don't remember where I found out about Construct, but I'm happy I did. It's by far the most fun I've had creating games in my life. I spend most of my free time at my computer doing something or other with Construct.

I hope to leave this community better than I found it. Once I gain more confidence in Construct's workings, I'd love to help add to the wiki and create tutorials so others have an easier time getting into Construct.

I'd like to say thanks to all the Construct developers and supporters for creating, and sticking with, such a great product and making in free and open source for us plebeians. I'd also like to thank all the members of this forum who have helped me, and those who I will undoubtedly call on in the future. Please bare with this crazy designer!
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Post » Wed Nov 25, 2009 9:36 am

Hi there! Well, my name is Khan, Im from Tenerife, in the Canary Islands (thats a tiny archipielago near Africa :p) and Im really happy to have found about Construct and this comunity.

Ive been into gaming for as far as I can remember (I remember playing Doom when I was supposed to be watching the Muppets show...) and my passion for gaming and computers has inevitably lead me to amateur games development. Ive modded for a few games, mainly TES IV: Morrowind. Now that I can call myself a (still very bad) C/C++ Programmer Ive wanted to go to the next step, create games from scratch, or as nearly as possible

A few Text RPG projects have come and gone, along with my first "game engines" if I may dare to call them that way (one of them its still in development :oops: ). I tried a few 3D Game Engines, but I felt I needed to go more deep into the source, into the origin, into 2D....

Thats how I found about Construct, and right now Im hopping to have great fun and learn a lot about developing with this engine and its comunity. Perhaps, with luck, I may even find some help and finish my two most serious and ambitious projects (I will be surely talking about those :D)

So much talk for my first post, just wanted to say "Hello and nice to meet you"
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Post » Wed Nov 25, 2009 8:33 pm


My name is Lukas. I'm a swedish student studying game design at Gotland University. Well more like studying Game Production right now as that's what the fourth year is about. I've also worked as a professional pixel artist, though not for long (stupid economy...) and have been doing pixel art seriously for as long as I've wanted to make games. Have been drawing and playing games since childhood, starting with Super Mario Bros at the age of two.

I've been using Clickteam products since grade-school and recently found Construct again. I'd heard about it earlier on TDC but didn't pay much mind to it. I've been sitting with Construct for a little while now and so far I'd deem it superior to my previous weapon of choice, namely MMF2, although I haven't tried anything serious yet (currently working on a 3D game in Unity so not much time left for Construct) but so far, I like what I've seen. Every feature I use in MMF is present and even some new ones that MMF2 didn't have but I wanted (or it was there but didn't work).

Well that's me, nice to meet yah.
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Post » Thu Nov 26, 2009 1:22 pm

Hey everybody,
I am Sebastian, I live in Hannover (Germany) and I found out about construct when I was googleing for an Open-Source RTS-Engine about a week ago.
Ever since then, I have been glued to my screen, experimenting with stuff and I must say: rarely in my life have I been so hyped!
But before we come to that, a little bit about me:
I am currently 28 years old and I've been working as a professional software developer since 2000.
Personally I have a long history with computers and programming - first time I wrote my name as a child was when cracking the high score of some shooter-game on the C64 :)
My father used to work for IBM and then started his own business, repairing computers and typewriters from home, so I pretty much grew up surrounded by all those machines. And my fathers apprentice soon tought me my first lines of basic. Ever since then I wanted to be a game programmer.
However, starting out in the industry is not easy - with limited internet access back then and hard-to-find information about Windows Programming, I decided to take on an apprenticeship myself. I started out as a database developer with MySQL, MS-SQL and Microsoft Visual Foxpro. After that I went into developing intranet-applications with PHP and MySQL.
With my goal of learning C++ and starting game programming nowhere near, I was let go in 2004 during one of the IT-Bubble-Bursts. Since then I've returned to school and went to university, working as web-developer and in IT-Support every now and then.
Currently I study IT at the University of Hannover, but as I don't get younger and university becomes too expensive for me, I started getting my head into C++ several weeks ago.
Construct is the perfect opportunity for me to learn more about game programming, realizing my own creative ideas and hopefully one day find my way into the industry.
So, that was a lot.
Sorry if I rambled, but for the past few days you guys have been such a big help for me, the least I can do is tell you who I am.
Hopefully, we will see a lot of each others on the forums from now on :)

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Post » Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:48 am

Hey all,

I'm a programming student from Western Australia. I've been using Contsruct for about 6 months now. Managed to even come 2nd in a game comp with the first game I finished. I'll post a link up soon.
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Post » Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:27 pm

8) Hello everyone, my name is Clay, I been into video games since Nintendo and loved them every since, I have been using Game Maker for a few years now but still lacks what I really what to do with game making,I don't use it anymore but I still have a few games and Example that I have posted on my site, and a Donkey kong Demo which I might not finish because of my lack of intrest that I have gained on their software, I also use FPS Creators for my online multi-player Fps games, but I was looking for a special game creator that would soot my needs and that would make it more easier to program for I am really not much with scripting but I'm still learning, anyways I have been looking all over the net, tried a few here and there, but nothing that I was looking for until My friend told me about a program called Construct and how easy it is to create games with out the hassel of scripting, he gave me the link and I tried it out, Omg....this is what I'm looking for!!, I havent created anything yet for now Im still learning the creator but give me time I'll have something sooner or later, Oh I almost forgot I also do sprites and gifs for game use and I have few I would like to offer to my new found community, some or gif format and some are png, you can go here to grab what you want and use with my permission to all.

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Post » Thu Dec 10, 2009 7:50 pm

Hi i am Abhilash from India, 16 and i have been playing games sice the time i ve started thinking :oops: i started making games when i was 11 using flash 5 and till date i ve been using flash but now i plan to move on to construct for some more physics related games like platformers since flash sucks at collision detection. I came to know about construct from some forum and i'm liking it specially because of the platformer tutorial available with which i played for an hour barely reading anything written in it(i love platformers :) )
Till now i 've made 4-5 games in flash and nearly all of them suck scoring nearly 2.5/5
You can play my games on
My latest game game was The Duo a puzzle platformer game beta whose full version i think will be made in Construct 8) and
I And some last things:
I know ActionScript 2, some C++ (about function arrays classes etc.) but i am totally alien to python which Construct uses :cry:
I plan to start experimenting with construct in Christmas holidays after my exams( i hate them!!)
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Post » Thu Dec 10, 2009 8:55 pm

Oh, hi all :roll:

I'm from Russia (Siberia) and I'm 23 y.o.
My english grammar skills are poor (sorry!) but I have blue eyes and that's cool :o

Ok. You know, my basic job is journalism. Despite that fact I always like games and were interested in game-design.

I've been learning Pascal, Delphi, C++, but guess they are too hard for my humanitarian brain :oops:
It was so good to find Construct. It's really nice for me. Programming in Construct = pure inspiration + easy realization!

Now I'm trying to code some ambitious games :wink: Just for fun really.. But who knows.. maybe it will be some pretty release :wink: We'll see. Don't want to give false hopes to myself :)

Oh.. and want to say: it's nice to meet such great persons here!
And many thanks to devs of Construct.
And Viva Construct! :o
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Post » Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:41 am

Greetings Earthlings.

Name: Jean
Place: Qubec, Canada
First Language: French
First VG: SMB on NES
Game Making XP: None, dabbled a bit with GameMaker a few years ago
Main Computer Platform: Mac OS X
Related Interests: Video Game Theory, Interactive Art, Creative Act, Most Artistic Mediums, Computer as Self-Empowering Tool, Software Usability
Where Did I First Hear About Construct: In a random forum, when looking for user-friendly game-building tools, a year ago.
Appreciated VG Titles: Katamari Series, Weird Worlds 2, New SMB, Portal, Soul Bubbles, Some Classic Titles.

I have little patience for certain game mechanics or conventions I consider as overused or superfluous.

I'm a critic [url:35gb43tr][/url:35gb43tr] by nature.

I'm not much of a talker. Trying to be more of a doer.

See you around.
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