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Post » Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:36 pm

Hi Guys

I recently bought your software after reading how easy it is to make game. Sure it beats doing things in Java but I want to ask you guys to consider something you've probably been asked 1000 times. Can't you try and work on making the export to Android and Amazon easier or at the very least, create manuals yourself with step by step instructions and videos to help newbies like me.

After a few weeks of Java I have created over 20 apps in 4 weeks and can sign, add admobs etc. Some of the tutorials here are written by guys like me, and don't cover the full extend of a topic. I understand you created game dev software but consider the loyal customers you'll get and how you will impact our lives when you go just a step further.

Exporting to Cocoonjs and trying to get Admob on and then having to learn to sign the APK with out decent tutorials make me wish I rather spend more money on Java development tutorials. Sure the software seems easy to learn, but it won't help me make money if I have a game but can't monetize it.

I ask you to please consider some decent tutorials for new comers like me. It's confusing to jump all over the place with this one saying that and another one saying that and I am sitting with out the solution to my problem.

Thanks guys.
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