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Post » Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:27 pm

Hi guys!
I have just trying the UserMedia plugin and I think its really great and could open some fun oppotunities for gamedesigning.

I got my sprite (Hero) where I want the head to be the webcam picture, but the shape of the UserMedia plugin is a square so when I upload the picture to the sprite part of my room comes on the picture aswell. So I was wonderring if it was possible to change the shape of the UserMedia photo-thing so it's more "face-like" shaped like -

I have tryed looking for an answer in the forums but could'nt find any.

- Have a nice day! :-)
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Post » Fri Oct 12, 2012 5:32 am

hey, not sure if you're still pursuing this, but I wonder if you used the different blend modes for layers and objects you could create a mask for the User Media layer.

If you look in the tutorials that come with C2 there is one for a flashlight sort of effect. You could use this same principle to achieve an oval-shaped and even a feathered mask.

as far as I know however, usermedia is primarily only supported in Chrome Desktop. just fyi
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