There isn't any official/step by step guide to export

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I have been trying to export my game as an apk or ios app but i cant find a way. Everything is confusing. I am a mac user and I just bought Construct 3. I was excited cause I always wanted to try it but it was windows only. Right now every time i export to iOS , I get a zip file with an Xcode project. I have a provisioning profile installed i run the app to test it on device. It gets stuck at the logo & bar splash screen and it tells me there are 56 issues in xcode.

I try to export an apk release . It tells me the file is corrupt , the debug works but the release doesn't and the debug has awfull performance on samsung galaxy s7 don't know why. I try searching for solutions most of them are construct 2 guides. Will there be an official guide for construct 3 ? Alot of you are construct 2 users but as a user who is new to construct , its hard doing anything without an official guide. I searched on google and youtube but they are all construct 2 guides that are confusing. Construct 3 is supposed to come with easy export option . Do i need to download third party software ? What am i supposed to do here? I just want to know if i should follow construct 2 guides to export or am i missing something important. Cause i see different options with construct 2 , but with construct 3 it is cordova only . Any help would be appreciated.
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