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Post » Tue Sep 25, 2012 9:04 am

[QUOTE=VampyricalCurse] ^ Only that this software never promised any scripting at all, it just simply was not C2's goal. It is not a "mentality", there are many reasons beyond "not liking" or not "being able" to do it. Also, many of us make art of several forms, making music and spriting being two things that are very time consuming, why would I want to consume even more time on scripting when I just simply do not have it? I have scripted before, and as a personal opinion I don't see the point of it in a software like C2 and I will never go back to scripting if I don't have to. [/QUOTE]

I also agree... Now don't get me wrong, the clicking together games is awesome! But, any seriously intensive games with many many objects and events etc.. can get quite complicated really quick, with that many events and actions, and there are some things sequences, that would just be easier to understand if you could bang out a quick piece of script.. and yes they never did promise a hint of coding ability, but we are trying to help make construct the defacto standard game making app no??

So, since Javascript is already being used for plugins / addons, why not simply let us use this in areas to define actions to respond to the events, like with a button after selecting an event, either drag and drop an pre-made action, or click a button and type some code in??

Just an idea..
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Currently I'm creating plugin for match 3. See this demo.

Function plugin could inject javscript code to implement some game logic, but it was not designed to implement whole product, only for game logic.

The architecture of C2 (event system with custom plugins) is very beautiful for me. I had made more than 80 plugins.rexrainbow2012-09-25 09:51:35
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Post » Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:12 pm

You're a wild man, Rex (that's a compliment, by the way)
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