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Post » Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:26 pm

storken37 wrote:Hello!

So the last couple of months I've started programming, mostly in Python. The reason is that I, of course, want to learn programming. But I know that I eventually will start with game developing. I know this is possible to do in Python, via for example Pygame. But what I can read on the internet, using a game engine like construct 2 sounds a little bit more clever. But there are so many engines to choose from like Unity, Unreal Engine, Construct 2, and so on (check for more engines).

The "problem" is, I want to learn programming and when i read
You can now make advanced games without writing a line of code. Construct 2 does the hard work so you don't have to.
at Construct 2's website, I'm not really sure I've come to the right place. But then again I totally understand that Construct 2 does one a favor with these "built-in" functions so you don't have to "hard-code" them, and I dont wanna code "just because". But I still want to learn, so to speak.

A question about that to, since so many things seems to be already built in, is it hard to combine the game with "functions" outside the game? - let's say I want my potential players to create an account using a website, and that they will have to use the created account to login when they've started the game (.exe). Is this possible?

What about the graphics in Construct 2? Games come with different styles - from more realistic to more cartoonish, is it possible to get a decent unique style in C2? Or is it like you got 10 styles to choose from?

Why choose Construct 2 over engines?

I truly appreciate your answers!


What I understand from what you are saying, is that its not only about making games, but a huge part is also programming. Then I would definitely not go with C2 or Gamemaker etc. because they are highly aimed towards people that are not really interested in programming, but that just want to make games not really caring how the end result is achieved. I have a background in programming (C,C++, C#, Java), but its a long time ago now and my interest in typing code etc have long vanished but the part of creating stuff is still there, so that makes C2 a great tool for me, its fast and easy to use and you get quick results. But C2 have its problems that is annoying and should you want to create you own plugins for it, you might run into problems that you can't solve because its part of C2 and the way that was designed. So even though you can make your own stuff and you would learn from it, I would definitely go with Unity or unreal for several reasons. Its 3D and 2D, its widely used in the industry and should you ever want to work with it, knowing these 2 programs well should make it fairly easy to land a job. Besides that at least for Unity you can learn C# (Think there are other languages as well, but cant remember them) at the same time, and its probably the same for the Unreal engine and also you learn how to work with 3D objects etc. And learning C#, will make it a lot easier to learn other language as well and you get a really good understanding of how a program is built, compared to if you are using C2, I would say. And if you know C# and the concepts of programming then C2 will be very easy to learn and you can always use that later on.

Best advice I can give you, go with one where you can learn C++, C# at the same time. And then of course get a book or whatever that teaches it, and so you get a good understanding of how to program in these languages, if you understand those, any other language is roughly the same and wont be that hard to learn.
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Post » Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:42 pm

You can program your own plugins/behaviors in js, so that would be good start to learn programming!
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