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The great choice many of us face, we get multiple options but can only pick one thing! That is the name of the game. You are presented 2 options, and you must pick 1. Even the options are in This or That format. Start the game by choosing either GOOD or BAD choices.

GOOD choices consist of things that you would want, such as owning an island, or winning the lottery.

BAD choices are things you want to avoid, such as getting stung by a bee, or losing your phone.

I recently updated the game to include an online tracking system, so you know what the average person would pick compared to you. Note: Because it was only just updated, there is not a lot of data yet. So for many options what you pick will probably show 100% choose what you did (since you are the first). Over time this will even out.

The game link:



If you have any questions, comments, feedback I would appreciate it.

A few features to note:
    + If your internet dies, or the server does, after 3 failed attempts the game switches to internet off mode automatically (yay! less frustration for the user)
    + In Internet mode, you don't have to wait for the countdown timer. Simply click either option to speed things up.
    + When in internet-off mode, there is no automatic proceed to the next option.
    + There are roughly 150 good and 150 bad options. They are randomly picked, so you will almost always get a unique combination.

Note 2 Please do not mistaken this for the version in the Scirra Store. The version in the Scirra store is the one without the internet option. Because this requires a server, I have no intentions of updated the store version to this. I only point this out because I don't want people to accidentally buy the store version, thinking it is the exact same one you see here.
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