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Tokenat did not work as my intention!

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:12 pm
by gianghl1983

I am creating a word game in which kids have to re-arragne word to form a sentence as picture below

My concept:
+ Put sentence into array // SENTENCE = ("I am Giang from Viet Nam")
+ Split a sentence to Variable by tokenat
- Var1 = tokenat(,0," ") //use seperator = White Space
- Var6,7...
+ Load random position for Var1 > 7...
+ Kid click Word > push into Array called ANSWER

My problem:
+ Coud not split with word like: There's - There're even some words like I'll and I'm still be splitted.
+ Word could not split completely:
eg: "My thereds works in homeab bank" vs "My thereds works in homea bank" - homeab could not be splitted into variable even homea could be.

So I doubt that there is an limitation with tokenat like length of each token...?

Please help me out!

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