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Post » Mon Jul 12, 2010 2:17 am

I've always wanted to make a shmup/bullethell crossover so I started making one last Tuesday. I wanted to finish this before my military service, which starts on Monday, but I kept myself too busy with alcohol so I'm just giving the prototype source away instead.

Zip is around 72mb, I included all the music files and a compiled exe too. Music is made by umbriel rising,

WASD moves, mouse aims, shift focuses (slows movement down for enhanced accuracy). Don't worry, you can't die. Once you get to level 15 you'll have a bossfight (which isn't there). The code is ugly and unpolished but it might make a fun half-an-hour game if you put some effort to it. I also forgot to pack in scanlines.fx and whatever else it was that I forgot but at least the exe should run just fine.

The dialog is rearranged lines of a 40's film noir movie Scarlet Street,

The gameplay is essentially ported from Daiz's floodshooter,

Someone go finish it, it's quite likely that I won't. Call the game "17FPS", quotation marks optional. All of our other projects are kinda stalled too, lol. [size=50:29orbj2m]You'll get a video of an old build though[/size:29orbj2m]
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