Touch counts as double touch for mobile devices?

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Post » Wed May 21, 2014 5:46 am


Same case happened for my group. There are awkward workarounds, but it seems to be a native browser bug. The other browsers such as chrome or firefox don't have these issues. It's a bit problematic for games requiring a virtual gamepad since players would be annoyed if pressing left once, triggered them to move twice.
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Post » Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:21 pm

This has been driving me crazy. I have been trying all kinds of combinations but ultimately failed to get it to work for both touch and mouse. I have been cursing Construct but now I realise the fault must be on the Android browser. (I have to add that I am VERY impressed with Construct as a whole.)

If I use "(touch) on touched object" without "use mouse input", my game works fine on both Android and IPad (but not on laptop/desktop of course).

If I use "(touch) on touched object" with "use mouse input", it works on IPad but generates a double touch on Android (and works fine on laptop/desktop).

If I use "(mouse) on left button clicked on object", it does not work at all on IPad, but still generates a double touch on Android (and works fine on laptop/desktop).

Confusing as hell. I hate, hate multi-platform rooted troubles!
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