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Post » Mon Jul 09, 2012 8:21 pm

I am porting my game Up Up Ubi to Construct and I am wanting to program a way to have the game create a balloon when i touch the screen but not when you drag. I want the drag to trigger a way to kill the enemies. Sounds pretty confusing but I'll paste a video here to show you what I mean.

When you touch: create a balloon
when you drag: kill enemies

Also I want to be able to kill multiple enemies in one drag. The enemies are only destroyed once you release from dragging so the game can tally up how many enemies you've destroyed on one drag and give you a rating.


Around 1:18 is an example of what I mean

Up Up Ubi Gameplay video

Thanks for your help!NotionGames2012-07-09 20:22:52
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