Try my new game will ya :D

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Post » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:46 am

Hi all
aaaah it's been a while since i last here. Now I'm busy with work and not really touch my construct. Kinda miss it though

so the game developer where I worked at just release a new mobile game called: 1 TO SKY

This game is a fast-tapping competition game. So you just need to tap the numbers that provided on 5x5 board in order. Very easy yet addicting. And we add many unique features like 3 player all battle together, with combos and ability cards, daily missions, many rewards, etc. It's free to play though (ofc we have in-app purchases, glad if you buy one)

So give it a shot. I guarantee you won't regret it :D

here's the link:

1 to Sky for Android link
1 to Sky for iOS link

enjoy, and thanks in advance :Dr4dicaldreamer2013-12-12 03:50:11
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