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Post » Thu Aug 17, 2017 10:19 am

striimix wrote:The end result is a single HTML file, so it's only one HTTP request.

No way. I'd ask if they're joking, but it sounds like they mean it. Tell your client that is far slower to download, will use much more memory, and will be much slower to load. I am not kidding, that is a whole new level of deoptimisation beyond turning off spritesheets; inlining loads of binary files as strings is way less efficient.

As for spritesheet memory optimisation, we have dozens of critical things to be working on right now, and I have seen precisely zero cases where spritesheeting has caused memory problems in a game, so it's not a priority right now.
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Post » Fri Oct 27, 2017 11:11 am

I am happy to see others requesting this, and I am very worried that future encryption will be forced instead of an option.

I use construct for making reskinnable games for advertising agencies. So all they have to do is overwrite the art assets and upload the game to their webserver.
So being able to organize the spritesheet's would be huge. Like placing all the UI stuff in one spreadsheet, that the customer most likely won't reskin, and game elements on another spritesheet that they would like to reskin.

I like the idea of encryption, but please make it an option, as it would otherwise put some people out of business.
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