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Post » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:16 pm

Hi everyone,

A couple of months ago I wrote several extensive tutorials on how to implement Facebook into your Construct 2 game. Since then I've received a lot of positive feedback and it seems like my tutorials have done some good for the community however the one issue people kept raising was that I was using the Cranberrygames plugin which is quite buggy and frequently fails to initialize Facebook on Android.

Over the last month, I have figured out a way to completely remove the Cranberrygames plugin from my projects and still have full Facebook compatibility on mobile devices. I have written an extensive tutorial about it on my web page:


This method basically replaces the Cranberrygames plugin with Javascript code and separates user flow into browser and mobile streams. I have included all required code for copy-paste on my blog. This method will give you full access to all of Facebook's features including:
- Login/Logout capacity on all devices (mobile and browser)
- A working, customizable sharing button
- Downloading basic user information
- Downloading user friend lists

As always, my tutorials are 100% free and I'm happy to answer any questions (as long as the question isn't "Fix my game please") or take requests on future tutorials :) Enjoy!
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