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Post » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:51 am

In the tutorial section, beginner tutorial, I checked the box next to "Subscribe - When Ashley writes new tutorials" and it took me to the "Famous tutorial" Badges page.

I had already checked "When new 'Workflow' tutorials are published" and on unchecking it and re-checking, it took me there too.

When returning to the page, now neither retain the check mark.

I am using FireFox 23.0.1

A second thing I noticed,
the "Free Bundle" in the footer says it is 13 megs, but the download is actually just over 30 megs.

(which could explain complaints of long downloads.)

edit: now a 3rd thing, the smiley I chose above was the ! in a triangle, and it used the radiation symbol.
Ah, they both use the exclamation point in brackets.

? uses [ :?:] maybe ! should use [ :!:] JudyScott2013-09-05 11:02:06
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